Tracking You

World Net Daily:  Have you heard about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NTSA’s) latest plan? 
They are proposing the implementation of a new law that would basically require ALL passenger cars and trucks manufactured after September 2014 be equipped with a “black box,” similar to what’s currently installed on airplanes.
These boxes could be capable of tracking things like speed, location, number of passengers, etc.
 It’s not clear exactly how these “black boxes” would be used, but it’s important to note that this isn’t something that has to pass through Congress…
The NTSA has full authority to change vehicle requirements on their own, and they’re scheduled to make their final decision, later this year.
To me, this is just another clear indicator that “Big Brother” is coming to America… And he’s coming fast. What little privacy we have left in America today will soon be gone.
Already, the government admits to snooping on our phone calls and emails. There are cameras and microphones everywhere… And now even drones (like the ones we use to spy in Afghanistan) are rumored to populate our skies.

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