We Got Rid of King George - The Federal Reserve Took His Place

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars: This is a long video, but you need to watch!

Forget Obama and Congress, this country is being manipulated and controlled by the Federal Reserve.  

Excerpt from The Coming Economic Storm:  Do you know how the money in your wallet came into existence?  Is it like a deed showing ownership of some asset or a certificate, redeemable for something of value?  Nope, it was created out of thin air, or more precisely it came from the ether sphere.  It came about as an electronic credit from the Federal Reserve's computer.  Essentially, when the Treasury needs more money it goes to the Fed and says I need a billion dollars, so the Fed says OK we will loan you a billion dollars in exchange for a promissory note making the citizens responsible for a debt of a billion dollars (called a bond).  The Fed then writes a check for a billion dollars (the Fed writes the check against its own account which has no money or assets) and gives it to the Treasury which then prints up a new billion dollars.  Neat trick right?  The Fed lends assets it does not have and then collects interest from all of us.  Oh, BTW the Federal Reserve is not a government entity, it is a privately owned corporation and is a leech which has been sucking blood out of the country for decades.

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