A Nation of Stupid, Ignorant, Greedy Dirt Bags

The national debt is soaring, half the country is on food stamps, the trade deficient is spiraling, the health care industry is being decimated by Obamacare, inflation is soaring, the stock and bond market are balloons ready to pop.

Does anyone notice the country is on the verge of total economic collapse.  Hell no!  We want our cheap Walmart shit!

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  1. God chief, I love it when you talk the truth!! They'll only stay at wallyworld though long enough so that they can get back to their section 8 housing in time to chow down on some quick lobster tail or steak bought with their EBT cards, and then settle down in front of their flat screen TV's to watch and vote for who their favorite is on "Dancing With The Stars" with their free Obama cell phones........Is this a great country, or what??