The Very Un-fun Roller Coaster Ride Awaiting Us

Video borrowed from 90 Miles From Tyranny

I've been advocating the accumulation of precious metals for a while and the price of said metals have gone down since I started saying to buy them so most folks don't listen to me in that regard.

I have not changed my mind.  Precious metals should not be viewed as a short-term investment, rather as insurance, like storing food and other essentials.  I've always looked at precious metals as a hedge against inflation and I think we are headed for hyper-inflation.

People I listen to say hyper-inflation is a certainty given the way the FED is mismanaging the economy and printing more money than toilet paper, but that serious deflation will precede the inflation.

You would think that if we are headed for deflation; what does that mean for the value of precious metals?  I still think they are a wise move.  Read this:

Why Precious Metals Will Rise in Deflation

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