The Age of 'Less'

Our Phones – Wireless
Cooking – Fireless
Cars – Keyless
Food – Fatless
Tires –Tubeless
Dress – Sleeveless
Youth – Jobless
Leaders – Shameless
Relationships – Meaningless
Attitudes – Careless
Babies – Fatherless
Feelings – Heartless
Education – Valueless
Children – Mannerless
Country – Godless We are
Congress - Speechless and Clueless
President - WORTHLESS! 

I'm scared - Shitless


A Random Thought That Really Bummed Me Out

I served 24 years in the US Navy.....no thanks needed or deserved, I enjoyed the hell out of it.  

But think of the thousands and thousands of men and women who sacrificed and died for this country  and the ideals for which it was founded; from the War of Independence forward to today.

We all swore an oath to defend this nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Turns out, all that sacrificing and dying was for naught, because we whipped all the foreign enemies and then in our complacent stupidity put the domestic enemy in charge.

A Little Humor During Dark Times

This is What the Media Considers 'Fair and Balanced' Reporting


Why Obama Won't Visit the Border

I think he's afraid some one will push him across and then demand proof of citizenship before he can return.


Joan Confirms What We All Suspected

Setting the Record Straight

There is an article making the rounds under various mastheads about the surge of illegal alien children flooding the US, and about an organization named BCFS.  The article is laced with misinformation and outright lies.

I know, because I've been there and I am a part of it.  I am a member of the so-called 'BCFS Security Force' cited in this story.  It's true these kids show up infested with lice, scabies, and other health problems and many of them with emotional problems created by the trauma of their journey and the treatment they received along the way, but they are receiving medical treatment, clean clothing, good food, counseling, and religious services if desired.  The rest of this account is completely inaccurate and misleading.

BCFS (Baptist Child and Family Services), (not affiliated with the Baptist Church) Emergency Services, Incident Management Team, of which I am a member, is not a 'security force'.  We are the only organization in the country capable  of managing the care and security of children on this scale and we do it in a very humane and efficient manner.  We are very vigilant of the conduct of people providing care for these children and mis-conduct does result in immediate dismissal.  The person who kept this 'journal' and provided the 'background' for this story is probably one of those dismissed.

BTW, my involvement, and the travel and very long hours I have invested is part of the reason I have not been posting to this blog.  While I am critical of the policies which I think brought this crisis about and the way it is being handled on a national basis, I am proud to be a part of an organization dealing very effectively with the care and management of these children who are caught up in the situation.

Here is a link to BCFS's rebuttal to the very unprofessional and untrue article:  Rebuttal.