The Bitches Who Never Pay

From time-to-time Jane Fonda's name comes up in conversations and people talk about her as if she is just another mostly forgotten celebrity, and I usually respond with something like , " that traitorous bitch is still living the good life when she should have been rotting in prison these past 40 years" and almost all of them look at me like 'what's that all about'.  What makes me angry is that; not only did she not get the justice she deserved, but that the American public doesn't know what she did or don't care (unfortunately, a large percentage of today's American population do not deserve to live here) and allow her to walk among us as a respected public figure instead of condemning and spitting on her every time she steps out her door.

Well those of us who wore our country's uniform when it was still a nation to be proud of, know exactly what that's about and hate her guts and always will.

I see somewhat of a parallel between Bitch Jane and Bitch Hillary.  Hillary compromises national security, gets Americans killed needlessly without a thought and commits numerous other crimes and will never pay for it.

And, BTW the idiot John Kerry (the Swift Boat fraud) was one of her acolytes.