No One Is Asking The Right Questions

When Congress finally got Ms. Clinton in the hot seat, no one asked the questions that really matter;

1.  What was Ambassador Christopher Stevens really doing in Libya?
2.  Who were the attackers?
3.  What was the real reason security was not increased and why was help not sent?

An astute Congressman who had done his homework might have waited for her less than truthful answers and then refined the questions;

1.  Was Ambassador Stevens really moving US weapons supplied to Libyan rebels from Libya, through Turkey to Syrian rebels despite Obama's statement that we were not arming Syrian rebels?
2.  Were the attackers, in fact not protesters, or even jihadists, but Iranian military or Iranian proxies, bent on stopping the flow of weapons to rebels trying to bring down Iran's ally Bashar al-Assad?
3.  Isn't it because Ambassador Stevens was involved in an illegal covert mission that security was not increased before the attack and US intervention during the attack was never provided?

And one final question Ms. Clinton.  Isn't all of this why the White House stalled, and tap danced, and lied about a video inspired spontaneous protest until the election was over?

Who knows.....she might have cracked and told the truth.


  1. Quite the theater. Crock tears and all.

  2. Come on Chief. Clinton's and truth go together like snipes and twidgets. Glad to see you back to blogging with the P.O.D.