We Don't Need No Stupid Tests

Anti-testing movement’ grows among American teachers

By refusing to administer a district-mandated test to their students, teachers at a Seattle high school have touched off a movement that’s picking up steam by the day.

The Chicago Teachers Union on Monday became the latest to jump on board and express support for the Seattle boycott, announcing a new campaign against “high-stakes standardized testing.”

“I think it’s important for us to go on record about this because we are likely to start seeing a more active anti-testing movement in Chicago,” said union President Karen Lewis.

Teachers at Seattle's Garfield High School have for the past three weeks refused to give their students a standardized test known as the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) exam, claiming it is fundamentally flawed and takes away from valuable class time.

By doing so, they’ve inspired fellow teachers and union leaders, who are now launching an all-out assault on the MAP and other assessments. Instructors are now being encouraged to boycott the exams and not administer them to students, even if they’re required to by district policy.  ......more here

I don't really know if these tests are valid or not, but the fact that these weenies are protesting them, tells me that they probably are and would highlight what a shitty job the teachers are doing.  After all, it's been the National Teachers Association's (NEA) mission for decades to dumb down and indoctrinate the nation.

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