Climate Change - The Real Story

You may have noticed lately that climate change, global warming in particular is not being mentioned much by the media or the libtards (except for Gore).  Why?  Because it keeps getting colder!

I posted the following three years ago on Seaspook's Rants

There was a short-term rise in the Earth's mean temperature and they started calling it 'Global Warming' and arbitrarily blamed it on a lame-brain theory that greenhouse gases produced by human activity was the cause. This suited their purposes because it legitimatized a perceived need regulate and tax consumers and industry and increase federal control of the populace. When the 'warming trend' petered out and the mean temperature started dropping, they dropped the term 'global warming' and started using the term 'climate change', but it's still human activity in the form of carbon emissions which is causing climate change even though, now they can't define just what the 'change' is - the solution is still the same - tax the crap out of everything.

Climate change is occurring, we can all see it, but it's a historical, cyclical, and natural phenomenon and it's related to solar activity, but how do you raise taxes, and increase regulations based on solar activity? The ice caps are not going to melt (polar bears are not going to have to tread water) and sea levels are not going to swallow up half the Earth. What is going to happen is that winters are going to be colder and rain and storm patterns are going to change. As a result, energy needs will change and agriculture activities will change and that is what we need to be studying and preparing for. Suppressing industrial and economic activity and restricting energy development will only make matters worse.

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