Free Pass for Saudi Terrorism

Seems the Saudi's are always on the fringes of attacks on America, but never held responsible or accountable.  Remember when all aircraft in the United States were grounded in the wake of 911.  Except those flying Saudis out of the country.

The Saudi's fund muslim terrorism world wide, yet nary a peep from the Federal government or the MSM.

And now with Americans laying dead in the streets of Boston and others with legs blown off, the Feds are furiously trying to cover up involvement by yet another Saudi.  Does Saudi oil trump national security?  WTF are we not drilling here?  We have enough domestic oil to break the Saudis and put them back on camels and living in tents.

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  1. I really cant explain Bush's motives, but we certainly know what our muzzloid in chief's motives are............