Gold - What to Do

Gold prices are cratering.  Some forecast gold dropping to $750.00 per ounce.

I'm thinking long-term, no worries, but short-term some of us could really take a big hit.  If you bought in past two years you've already taken a big hit.

So sell now at a loss and buy back when it bottoms, or sit tight and wait it out?

Any thoughts?


  1. Wait it out - unless of course you have to sell some to be able to buy beans, bacon, and bullets.
    I remember when gold was $35 (that's thirty-five) per ounce, draw your own conclusions.

    PS I STILL can't afford gold, maybe I should buy less lead? ;-)

    OTB MCPO sends.............

  2. Newsletter sources say to stay the coarse. There should be a bottom here soon and with that is opportunity. Silver is a perfect play as well for those who can't buy gold. Buy the physical stuff boys.The bankers hate it and elitists hate it. Long term, it should perform well again.

  3. I agree on silver, except I would recommend "junk silver" (pre 1965 coins). No need to test for purity and small denominations.