So How Many of You Christians Are Still Supporting Democrats?

Are you wondering why the Democrats want to kick God out of the convention hall and the Party?
To understand why, some understanding of the history of progresivism is necessary. Fascism, when examined without the use of the liberal-tinted lenses of the American left and its sycophant media arm, is the religion of the state. My definition of fascism, which I have borrowed from Jonah Goldberg’s definition and modified somewhat, is as follows:
"Fascism assumes that society as a whole is a scientific organism, predictable, controlled and manageable, upon which one great and scientifically enlightened leader or group of leaders are able to impose the 'will of the people', which it portrays itself as representing. It is the antithesis of Western traditional liberalism, and the enemy of liberty. Generally relying on a 'youth movement' [think Occupy Wall Street] and/or labor movement to gain power, fascism sees all facets of society as political, and that therefore any conduct by the state through its enlightened leaders to improve society is justified. In order to gain power and incite the youth movement to action, it many times blames a scapegoat ethnic or social group for society’s ills, such as the Jews etc. Every aspect and detail of life becomes the state's responsibility. Fascism becomes a state religion, i.e. it becomes the religion of the state and seeks to eventually replace or incorporate all true religion. Eventually, if it completes its seizure of power, nothing and no one is permitted to present an opposing position, it is 

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  1. It boggles my mind how any Christian could support Democrats. Democrats are Godless and/or anti-God. Although some people who claim to be Christians have such a distorted view of God and the Bible its not surprising. But are they really Christians? Or just claim to be?

    I agree with your definition of fascism.