Where Are the Right-Wing Terrorists the Government is So Worried About

The Ohio National Guard is running exercises to defend against citizens to may rise up in defense of their long-established rights.  The Department of Homeland Security is scared shitless of military veterans.

Meanwhile police departments, large and small are being given combat-zone military equipment and every government agency is forming swat teams.  There is case after case of police departments responding to minor incidences with over-whelming force and killing hundreds of innocent citizens.

There is a long history of assassins and mass murders, almost exclusively coming from the left-wing bent.  With the exception of Timothy McVeigh (whom it's assumed was right-wing), when is the last time an established right-wing person committed an atrocity in this country other than a Muslim?  Am I wrong?

It seems to be assumed that Second Amendment supporters or advocates want to keep their guns because they are all conspiring to someday attack the establishment and take their revenge on liberals.

Could it be rather that they see a Federal government continually consolidating power over the people and State governments, eliminating individual freedoms, abusing power, bullying opposing groups, ignoring the laws they establish, destroying the economy, and our security, and therefore, feel the need to maintain some small level of self-defense?

Look what happened in New Orleans during Katrina; looters where running wild and attacking people in their own homes.  Did the police and National Guard take firm action against the lawlessness and deploy to protect private property?  Well yes they did, but they did a piss poor job of it, but what's worse, they went house-to-house taking guns away from citizens under siege from hoodlums the police were letting run wild.  And to add insult to injury, long after order was restored, the police would not return the guns until the NRA sued them.

Back to the police departments arming up like they are getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan.  Either by design or through incompetence, the Federal government and the Federal Reserve have placed the nation in a situation through out-of-control spending and borrowing, to the point the US Dollar and the US economy will collapse; it's just a matter of when and the administration knows it.  They are desperately manipulating interest rates, currency levels, precious metals prices, mass citizen dependence on government assistance and other things in a wild attempt to forestall disaster.   But when the disaster inevitably arrives, it will be primarily disillusioned liberals and all those people who have been getting all the government freebies who will run amok, and its the mass reaction to the government-caused disaster which the Federal government is preparing for by equipping and training the military, the National Guard, and police departments to enforce martial law and population control.

Now, if the lawlessness of New Orleans during Katerina become pervasive across the country, do you want a means of self-defense?

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