The Bundy Saga

The situation going on with the Bundy Ranch in Nevada vs the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may become the modern day Boston Tea Party.

I hope it becomes and continues to be a rallying point for the American people to push back against an increasingly tyrannical Federal government which seems intent upon squashing States' rights and establishing complete control over every aspect of it's citizens lives.

The Federal government claims ownership over gigantic portions of land throughout the western States without any legitimate reason for doing so other than they can.

Unless by generally accepted public consensus for the need of preservation such as Yellowstone Park, or Mount Rushmore or the land has some  generally accepted unique value to needs of the nation, the Federal government has no ethical, moral, or truly legal right of ownership.

And its not just raw land being wasted and claimed by the Federal government; there are more than 77,000 empty or underutilized buildings the government claims ownership of, but does nothing with.

Uncle Sam has become like an arrogant lord with America his serfdom and elite politicians and bureaucrats his peerage.

Current news indicates the BLM has backed down and Rancher Bundy has prevailed.  I guarantee it is a mistake to think the situation is over.  Rancher Bundy will probably pay for his resistance with his life.  Read this story.

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  1. He will mysteriously have a heart attack or be run down by a herd of turtles.