A Cheap Gun Safe Dehumidifier

I buy them at Walmart in a 3-pack box.

DampRid® Hanging Closet Freshener

The DampRid® Hanging Closet Freshener is a unique fragrant hanging dehumidifier to keep your closet free of dampness that can cause odors and mildew. Simple and easy to use, the Closet Freshener consists of two sealed compartments: the top contains calcium chloride in a one-way packet that allows moisture in; the bottom portion acts as a reservoir for the collected moisture that drains down from the top. The reservoir is see-thru so it's easy to determine when the Freshener needs to be replaced.

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  1. Great item! I use it in my closet. I too live in a condo, but and I renew mine in the bathroom with the fan on, No problems. I am going to get another Gun Safe for under my sink and my front load washer, getting mold and odors on the rubber ring.