So Whose Decision Was it to Shut Down the US Space Program and Rely on the Russians?

RT.COM:  Dmitry Rogozin also said that Moscow is banning Washington from using Russian-made rocket engines, which the US has used to deliver its military satellites into orbit.
“We proceed from the fact that without guarantees that our engines are used for non-military spacecraft launches only, we won’t be able to supply them to the US,”Rogozin is cited as saying by Interfax news agency.
If such guarantees aren’t provided the Russian side will also be unable to perform routine maintenance for the engines, which have been previously delivered to the US, he added.
The US relies on Russian-made RD-180 and NK-33 engines to launch military and civilian satellites into space, with NASA saying it’s unlikely to produce a fully operational rocket engine of its own before 2020.

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  1. This one is from the same guys that gave you military "downsizing" because "the cold war was over" and "WE are the only superpower and always will be". Then it got worse when it was decided that "we won the cold war" and "didn't need NASA to fight the war on terrorist's" Obama's killing NASA was just icing on the cake at that point, the money was already diverted to the NSA and the "F-35" boondogle's. ---Ray