Chicago 1941

It doesn't look like they were any happier then, but I'll bet you could understand what they they were saying, they had a father at home, they did well in school, they went to work after school, and most lived their lives as decent citizens.

What happened?  Liberalism is what happened!


  1. Yes and in 1941 every little black "baby" knew FOR SURE that if they "F"ed up, the only "reward" they could expect was 10 white cops with ball bats , for the first go round and a rope for the second. Had the "Fergison riot" happened in 1930's or 40's America, the end result would have been 5000 to 10000 dead blacks followed by ten years of eyes on the ground and YASSIR! The Right likes to rant about "liberals" , but what killed American Greatness was forced "integration" forced acceptance of "other cultures" welfare ( forced wealth confiscation and redistribution) and forced "conformity to modern political standards" (PC) in other words the government we have had in DC since "Ike" has force a hard line communist government on all of us. Until we admit that we have a communist police state in the CONUS we have no hope of finding the road back.

  2. What is that?....a '39 Olds flat head 6? I have one of those....the one my dad drove after he and mom got married!

  3. The guy on the left looks a little like a young Spike Lee.